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Green Lock FC Unveils New Brand Identity: A Reassuring Figure of Football Excellence

Pelumi Abiara

Green Lock Football Club proudly reveals its sub-mark Logo to the public, a powerful and visually appealing emblem embodying the team’s values of excellence, security, strength, unity, and national pride both on and off the field.

Presenting the magnificent symbol to the world, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Abuja-based youth football club, Olufunsho Peters, revealed that “the sub-mark Logo has always been part of the plan, part of the journey. It gives an in-depth explanation of what Green Lock FC is. A big part of it is aesthetics. It has a nice look, and I believe it also provides a more modern outlook of Green Lock FC as not just a regular football academy you see everywhere.”

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“The emblem features a captivating blend of white, green, and black that symbolizes our commitment to vitality, elegance, and the principles of fairness, integrity, and sportsmanship across the club and in our activities. It also reflects our aspirations for continuous growth, improvement, and success,” he enthused.

According to the young Peters, the elements of the Logo hold significance, from the Lock, which is prominently featured at the center of the design — an eponym of the vocabulary of the club, representing security — to the Eagle Head, which means the team’s ambition to soar high and become Africa’s top platform for talent identification, development, and promotion. The Shield housing the Lock and Eagle Head emphasizes the club’s tenacity and grit, embodied by the management, staff, and talents at Green Lock FC. The sparkling stars showcase our club’s national pride.”

The club’s old Logo

Peters also extolled the Logo as a sign of the club’s excellence in Nigerian Football and what is to come. He said, “Going into our first premier showcase, one of a kind in Nigeria, I believe it was just the time to show it to the world to let the fans and the spectators, the scouts, coaches, and directors, know that it’s a team ready to claim glory.”

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The Executive Vice Chairman charged any lucky talent who can wear this symbol on their chest to respect and uphold the responsibility it carries wherever they go. He also passionately underscored that the Logo visualizes Green Lock FC as the revolutionized pathway to recruiting and promoting Nigerian talent globally. “I want the logo to remind fans that they have a team willing to show them the greatness of Nigeria and Africa, and there’s no need to fear because Green Lock FC is here.” Funsho Peters added.

The submarket logo will be featured primarily on club merchandise; it will also share the stage with the primary Logo on some documents, while the primary Logo maintains its place in business operations.

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