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Kosofe Local Govt. Chairman Ecstatic Over Joshua Akpudje’s Career Growth

Joshua Akpudje

Joshua Akpudje’s dedication to his community and his impressive career trajectory have garnered him high praise from Kosofe Local Government chairman Hon.Barr Moyosore Ogunlewe following his recent meeting with the leading community head in his office alongside distinguished members of the community, the first of it kind since his move to Europe.

Hailed for both his community spirit and career success, Joshua Akpudje received a warm welcome from Kosofe Local Government.

Speaking on behalf of the chairman, Hon. Moses O. Adekoya who is the Deputy chief of staff, Kosofe Local Govt. lauded Joshua’s effort in ensuring that the younger players get a solid platform to continue developing in their chosen path of career and also for being a shining light despite the challenges he faced before stardom.

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“His journey is a testament of a true and born talent who fought valiantly against all odds to get to where he is presently. Standing out as a difference maker amongst all the stars that have emerged from the community, he’s indeed a different breed and we are glad that his hard-work is paying off now”.

Joshua Akpudje

“Joshua Akpudje playing for the national team unlocked another level of self-belief and confidence in the children in the community. If Joshua can be there, I can be there someday and that’s only if they keep up with training and hard work because that’s what he did”, he added.

“We are very happy of the man and player that he is today and more so his growth in the course of time because I have always been around him right from the very beginning, Joshua is an exceptional kid with a large heart and I’m immensely filled with pride to be a witness of this moment, coming back as a hero to the community where he had nothing but determination to excel as a footballer”.

“Since Joshua moved to Europe, he regularly sends balls to each team that trains on the pitch where he started his career, that’s about 10 teams in total. He partakes in grassroots competition, gives financial rewards even when not around and when around, he makes his presence seen”, he said of his contributions to society.

Using Joshua Akpudje as a measure of excellence and kindness, he urged others to emulate his good acts of kindness, “If we have 10 more youths in the community give back to the society, we are sure of a brighter future for these boys”.

“He is the first football player in Kosofe local Govt. to come back and do this. We are proud of him for having the initiative to do this and we are wishing him nothing but the very best in his endeavors and career”, he concluded.

Joshua Akpudje applauds Kosofe Local Govt

The former Nigeria U-17 defender, Joshua Akpudje applauded the local govt. drive and commitment to growth amongst youths and their support for him over the years.

“It’s an amazing feeling knowing that some of these young lads look up to me, I must say it’s a special feeling and of course, I’m so glad to meet the chairman. I’m so proud that this talent that God has given me have made people that matters most to recognize and connect with me”, Joshua posited.

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On his novelty match -up, “It’s nice playing with them and feeling the same soil I started from, I’m happy to see some of the boys growing so fast and becoming better players”.

“My future plan for the community is to be able to have a foundation where I can help reach out to people. All I can say to the boys is that they should stay disciplined, never relent in putting in more effort and stay focused in achieving their goals because in no time, they will see their dreams manifesting before their very eyes”, he enjoined in his concluding remarks.

Joshua’s career over the years have been nothing but a lucid example of determination, hard work and sacrifice, he has had quiet an eventful ride in his career since that memorable move from MFM FC where he proved pivotal in their top-flight run, moving to Latvia, then to Czech Republic and now in Georgia’s first tier division with Dinamo Tbilisi.

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