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Opinion: Enyimba’s Shameful crashing out from the AFL


It’s time for most clubs’ management to sit up and blame themselves for the poor footballing management in their clubs Instead of pointing fingers in the wrong direction. Enyimba messed up many are saying it’s the NFF, the NPFL management the cause! How?

When Chelsea was not playing well from the beginning of the season of the league, I did not see any headlines blaming the English Football Federation, or the English Premier League management instead they blamed the management of Chelsea and the team itself for the issues.

This is more reason many should commend the NFF for the efforts they put into managing the Super Eagles and other national teams. what stops club management in Nigeria from exploring beyond this country and going to Tunisia, Morocco, or even Senegal and Europe to get better players and boost their team, that’s what these countries from North Africa do. Who says it’s not possible? How do they do it, they should go and get viable people whose interest is for the growth of football in this country not many whose concern is to identify good players from the league here and want to sell to get money and enrich themselves. Because that’s what many do here and if you ask them they will tell you that’s business, yes! It’s Business but why not try to do it where it will benefit the entire club and people can see the Business telling on the success of the clubs, not one person selling a player all in the name of a business, and the money is being shared among some individuals and the clubs keeps going down the drain and they keep shifting blames to the NFF and League management.

One of the things that keeps football productive in most of these North African countries I know is that they allow foreign investors to come and invest in their leagues, some owners of their clubs are foreigners and they pump money into these clubs and scout for good players, develop the clubs in general. Who says our clubs can’t be sold to foreigners but still, would represent their various states? Chelsea is owned by an American man, but it’s still a club in London, and the Supporters in London are always behind them.

Nigerian Club management, please think beyond only selling players as the only business angle of football and try and explore other viable ways to grow your team, the blame is on you for not doing well enough, not the NFF, not the League management, take responsibility and rise to the challenge, is up to you, today is Enyimba tomorrow it might be someone else’s club and we will continue in circles.

Blame yourselves stop diverting blame, Club owners

I rest my case, God bless Football in Nigeria ( MoSaliu)

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