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U.J. Esuene Stadium is in Need of Post-Event Maintenance

U.J. Esuene Stadium is in Need of Post-Event Maintenance

Emex Henshaw

Despite recent renovations undertaken by the Governor Prince Otu-led administration, the U.J. Esuene Stadium in Calabar, Cross River State finds itself in a sorry state, especially after hosting various events.

Serving as the home stadium for the renowned Rovers FC of Calabar, the playing turf has endured significant wear and tear due to the hosting of events and celebrations.

In December, the stadium was a hub of activity, hosting events such as Funfest on the 16th, where structures were erected on the pitch for added glamour.

The Calabar Carnival, a highlight of the city’s festivities, also took place on the playing turf, leaving the stadium with visible signs of strain. As a result, Rovers FC had to relocate their home games to the less desirable Ikom Township Stadium, including the match against Edei, where they secured victory with a solitary goal against Vandrezzer FC.

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Now that the festivities have concluded, the stadium is left in a deplorable state, as evident in the recent game where Rovers fell 3-2 to Beyond Limits. The impact of the stadium’s condition was palpable, affecting the performance of the home team.

Once a proud venue that hosted the Super Eagles during the Liyel Imoke administration and the 2007 Under 17 World Cup, the U.J. Esuene Stadium is now a mere shadow of itself.

It is crucial to highlight that hosting events in stadiums worldwide requires meticulous maintenance to address the aftermath of heavy usage during concerts and festivals.

Neglecting this essential aspect not only impacts the stadium but also reflects poorly on the state’s commitment to sports.

The current state of the U.J. Esuene Stadium may be indicative of the declining fortune of sports in the state. Despite the recent success of the Governor’s Cup in December, with Bakassi LGA emerging victorious, the state continues to underachieve and must prioritize the maintenance of its sports facilities to fully harness its vast talent pool.

Implementing a robust post-event maintenance strategy is imperative to ensure the longevity and functionality of this iconic stadium.

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