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Ogun State applauds NFF board member

Qudus Yusuf

In a bid to promote and enhance the development of football within Ogun State and beyond, Dr. Qudus Yusuf, the esteemed Permanent Secretary of Ogun State’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, has extended a warm and enthusiastic welcome to a gathering of football match commissioners.

Dr. Yusuf represented the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, who holds a profound appreciation for the beautiful game, during the 2023/2024 Football Season Match Commissioner Seminar.

The event, which showcased the commitment of Ogun State to the growth of football, is a reflection of the governor’s unwavering support for the sport. Dr. Qudus Yusuf expressed the governor’s approval of the proposal to host the seminar, emphasizing the importance of fostering the sport’s development. Ogun State’s hospitality, a hallmark of their identity, was highlighted as the commissioners were welcomed with open arms, ensuring their stay would be memorable.

Dr. Yusuf, a passionate football enthusiast himself, shared his personal connection to the game, reminiscing about his support for the legendary Stationary Stores of Lagos and the transformation of his loyalty to Gateway Football Club. His address to the commissioners shed light on their pivotal role in the football ecosystem. They were described as the commanders, the overseers, and the linchpins of football matches, responsible for orchestrating the smooth functioning of the game.

The seminar placed significant emphasis on accurate reporting and adherence to the right procedures, underlining the importance of preserving the integrity of the sport. Dr. Yusuf passionately called upon the match commissioners to rekindle the passion for football and reinvigorate the sport’s stature, ensuring that fans could once again savor the exhilaration of the game.

In conclusion, the 2023/2024 Football Season Match Commissioner Seminar in Ogun State was not just a congregation of football aficionados, but a reaffirmation of the state’s commitment to nurturing the beautiful game.

Dr. Qudus Yusuf’s impassioned call to action resonates as a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of football in the heart of Ogun State, echoing the sentiments of all those who cherish the sport.

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