Home Football NWFL: Super Falcons captain, Onome Ebi to earn N1.5m per month as Naija Ratels player

NWFL: Super Falcons captain, Onome Ebi to earn N1.5m per month as Naija Ratels player

Super Falcons captain, Onome Ebi set to earn N1.5 million monthly as Naija Ratels FC player.

Naija Ratels was drawn in Group A ahead of the Nigeria Women Football League (NWFL) 2023-2024 season.

According to reliable source in the team, revealed that the Super Falcons star will earn N1.5 million monthly and she was given a land at Life Camp, one of the high breed areas in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Onome Ebi explains joining Naija Ratels

The 40-year-old veteran defender confirmed her move to NWFL side Naija Ratels on Saturday after the completion of the sixth edition of the sheroes cup in Abuja.

In a message on her official social media platforms, Ebi said, “My joining Naija Ratels is beyond playing football.

“It’s about inspiring young upcoming female players from the grassroots to thank and believe that if they dare like I did, they can make history like I did in a climate where a woman have to do twice as much work to achieve success.

“I strongly think my story won’t be complete if I don’t accomplish the goal of giving back to the Nigerian league, which nurtured me to stardom.

“When I was very younger, I never had the opportunity to see or train with great legends like Florence Omagbemi and others who were my idols back then.

“Today, I’m a legend, making it in life as a Footballer in one of the most difficult climates.

“Any girl could possibly hope to play a trade like football. I believe my joining Naija Ratels FC, with very young sets of players, is the best way to share my story of success and inspire female youngsters across Nigeria and Africa.

“I believe if I retire now like a lot of critics have suggested, without first impacting the Nigeria Women Football ecosystem, I would have failed a nation that gave me an opportunity to become a legend and through which I made history.

“My goal is to continue to promote women’s football at all levels and inspire grassroots female players to aspire to me better than me and my colleagues.

“With Naija Ratels FC, I’ll continue to shine the light as a source and be a source of encouragement and beacon of hope to other players. MY STORY IS COMPLETE AND ACHIEVED.”

Onome to Earn N1.5 million monthly

The President of Ratels Sports Development Foundation (RSDF), Barr. Paul Edeh, announced that the super falcons will earn N1.5 million monthly and a land.

The RSDF boss said, “I’m particularly elated today because what Onome brings to the club is beyond just playing football. His presence will also motivate other players of the club to bring out their best and aspire to be the best, play for Super Falcons and so on.

“The best way to celebrate a woman who has not only made Nigeria but Africa proud is to name one of the stadia after Onome Ebi. For us at the RSDF, we have been at the forefront of developing Women’s football for almost five years now.

“We are not only going to celebrate Onome, we will do what is required to celebrate the legend. And that is why today on behalf of RSDF, we will be announcing a parcel of land at Life Camp Abuja for Onome. In addition to that, the Foundation will also take the burden of paying Onome’s salary off Naija Ratels.

Talking about the reason for identifying with Onome at such a time like this, Barr. Edeh said, “We are doing this for three reasons. One is to show that we have able-bodied men and women out there that can reach out and celebrate such a phenomenal woman.

“It takes courage to make such a sacrifice that Onome has made, because we live in a country that instead of seek to celebrate a legend like Onome, we vilify her.

“In addition to our commitment, Onome Ebi is one Nigerian player that hasn’t doctored her age. Otherwise, today She would’ve been 29. But instead of telling lies, she has maintained her true age right from on set.”

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