Home Football TCC League: Adewale Quadri excited with Sporting Lagos

TCC League: Adewale Quadri excited with Sporting Lagos

TCC League: Adewale Quadri excited with Sporting Lagos

Adewale Quadri, the standout performer in Sporting Lagos FC’s impressive 2-0 triumph over Gbagada FC in the Creative Championship League, shared his deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game in a post-match interview with Sports247.

Quadri’s inspiring words highlighted the joy and fulfillment he derives from playing football, emphasizing its central role in his life.

Quadri began by expressing his profound happiness and the sense of joy he experiences when stepping onto the pitch. He revealed that football is more than just a sport for him; it’s his life’s passion.

He spoke of the privilege he feels, week in and week out, to pursue his dream of playing football, highlighting that this has always been his aspiration.

The player drew motivation from his past experience representing Nigeria at the U-17 level. This experience instilled in him the belief that anything is possible, reinforcing his determination to pursue a career in football.

Finding himself in the competitive Creative Championship League and a team like Sporting Lagos FC is a testament to the realization of his dreams.

Quadri reaffirmed his commitment to giving his best on the pitch, underscoring his unwavering belief in his dreams and the conviction that they will ultimately come to fruition.

Sporting Lagos FC’s impressive 2-0 victory against Gbagada FC, a formidable opponent, demonstrated the rewards of hard work and dedication, an achievement that Quadri acknowledged in the interview.

Adewale Quadri’s words exemplify the essence of football as a source of joy, personal fulfillment, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

His performance in the match, as well as his unwavering dedication to the sport, echo the sentiment that hard work and passion for the game can lead to success on the pitch.

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