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Excitement fizzles, Memes fly as Netizens await Mo Salah’s annual Christmas Post

It’s that time of year again; the stockings are hung, the eggnog is flowing, and social media collectively holds its breath for one image: Mohamed Salah’s Christmas Day post.

For the past few years, the Liverpool star has delighted fans with festive greetings and heartwarming family snaps, becoming a cherished tradition as reliable as Santa’s sleigh ride.

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But this year, the wait has been different, an unsettling quiet hangs over the internet, punctuated only by the occasional, anxious tweet: “Any sign of Mo’s Christmas post yet?” or “Is Santa stuck in traffic with Salah’s presents?”

Has the magic waned? Has the pressure of topping last year’s viral reindeer onesie picture finally gotten to the Egyptian King? Or is this simply a calculated delay, building anticipation for an even more epic reveal?

Whatever the reason, the internet is taking the opportunity to run wild with memes and playful speculation. Photoshopped Santas are frantically searching for Salah’s chimney while nervous elves huddle around a giant, empty present labelled “For the Reds.” One viral meme depicts Jurgen Klopp pacing Anfield, muttering, “He better have a good excuse…”

Of course, amidst the lighthearted fun, there’s a genuine sense of anticipation among Salah’s fans. His Christmas posts have become a beacon of positivity and warmth, a reminder that even the most prominent football stars appreciate the season’s simple joys.

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So, what will this year bring? Will Salah unveil a heartwarming family portrait by the tree? Will he surprise us with a hilarious Elf on the Shelf prank? Or will he pull off an audacious costume that puts all previous efforts to shame?

Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: when Mo Salah finally graces our screens with his Christmas cheer, the internet will erupt in a joyous celebration. Until then, the memes will keep us company, and the hope for a truly epic post will flicker like a lone candle in the December night.

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